Self Reflection

I believe that the biggest lessons I have learned throughout this semester have been to critically analyze history and how technology and history go together. Much of the beginning of the semester was dedicated to us as students taking a step back and thinking more critically about how our history is produced and consumed. We were able to read various texts discussing the silences throughout history and how, as an audience, we must try to ask questions about those silences to create a more well-rounded account of historical events in the future. These readings and class discussions about historical silences and who gets to write certain histories opened my eyes to how far history still has to go in terms of exposing these historical silences. Moreover, our discussions about how to conduct good historical research made me understand that these ethical questions about the source of certain materials and sources are also paramount to ensuring that we don’t continue these historical silences. Learning about legal and ethical literacies also gave me a brand-new appreciation for the rigorous work historians and other scholars engage in, as well as the number of questions they must ask in just preparing to start such a project.

            In addition, this course has taught me how much history and technology have become intertwined and what the consequences of this technological revolution have been. The first assignment from this class was to Google ourselves and discuss our digital footprint if any. It was fascinating to learn how strong of a digital presence others had while I had virtually none beyond miscellaneous things. This assignment, among many others, made me a lot more conscious about how I should shape and improve my digital presence in the future to better network in certain work or education-related spaces. The use of technology to aid in research was another tool I got to practice during this course. Assignments that included creating tidy data sets and timelines for different events were a great way to practice these skills and think about how I could potentially utilize them in my future scholarship. On top of thinking about digital presence, the class discussions regarding online privacy and how difficult it is to maintain also made me think more seriously about how I handle my own internet privacy through passwords and giving out my personal information. Overall, I strongly believe that this course has taught me many indispensable and valuable lessons regarding the bridge between history and technology.

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